STAND ALONE All-In-One Foliar Spray



BioJadi  An All Essential Complete Plant Nutrition

BioJadi is a natural and complete organic liquid plant food in ready-to-be absorbed bio-available form. BioJadi is produced by a proprietary biotechnology formulation made up of natural botanical extracts, natural amino acids, natural activated enzymes and natural indigenous microbes. It has been proven in hundreds of field trials conducted in many different environments and climatic conditions.

bullet leaf Jurassic-Microbes bullet leaf Activated Enzyme
bullet leaf Minerals Nutrients bullet leaf Natural Pesticides;
Anti Fungal
bullet leaf Organic Matter
biojadi bottle






  • Significant increase in yield – between 30% to 100% depending on type of crop
  • Increase in crop’s quality – by taste, size, uniformity and colour
  • Improves and speeds up growth rate and productivity
  • Correct nutrient deficiencies and strengthen weak or damaged crops
  • Enables crop to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Builds up diseases resistance and pest resistance in plants
  • Enhances early maturity bringing the crop early to the market
  • Improved shelf life of produce
  • Rapidly stabilizes soil pH level and neutralize soil acidity
  • Creates a complete ecosystem in the soil quickly and efficiently
  • Provides soil bacteria with essential nutrients for their growth
  • Improves the tilth and water retention of soil
  • Activates bio-augmentation and bio-remediation of toxicity of soil from prolonged previous use of chemical fertilizers into healthy eco-systems
  • Stimulates development of micro flora and micro fauna in soils
  • Profitable to use - Economical and cost effective, reducing up to 50% of traditional fertilizers costs
  • Easy to use – Simple application, non toxic, space saving and easy storage, transporting or handling.
  • Conserving of natural resources and environmentally sound organic eco farming
  • as no harmful effects on plants, animals, humans or the environment
  • Safe and non toxic, ensuring food safety and quality
  • Biojadi is not a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) product and there is no hormones added inside it

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